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Grants for Public Libraries

Information on LSTA grants and other funding opportunities.

CARES Act Guidance

The CARES Act grants were awarded in April of 2020 and the acronym stands for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act.

All CARES Act final reports and reimbursements are due October 30, 2021. The final report will be the new standard Maryland State Library Agency final report form which is included at the bottom of the page here. The grant time period for all CARES Act grants is 4/21/20 to 9/30/21.

Please describe how you spent your funds and include any meaningful statistics that can help us tell the story of how CARES Act funds were used in Maryland public libraries such as:

  • How many wifi hotspots were purchased?
  • How many Chromebooks were purchased?

If your CARES Act funding was spent on PPE or other items for your library meant to promote social distancing and prevent COVID spread please provide a summary paragraph of what was purchased.

Please remember that the CARES Act grants are on the older MAPLA site not on the new grants portal. This is where you need to go to submit for reimbursement until 10/30/2021.

Please send your final report to your grant liaison-- most CARES Act grants have Tamar Sarnoff as grant liaison. We would greatly appreciate it if you can email your final report as a Word Doc so that it is easier for us to cut and paste your grant information into our final State Program Report for our federal grantors at the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.