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Grants for Public Library Systems

Information about LSTA grants and other funding opportunities.


LSTA Grant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When we are awarded a grant when do we receive the money?

All grants awarded by the Maryland State Library Agency (MSLA) are given on a reimbursement basis. This means that your library needs to pay for the programs or services that are part of the grant and then submit for reimbursement via the Maryland State Library Agency Grants Portal which acts as an Electronic Grants Management System (eGMS).

How can I gain access to my library on the Grants Portal?

Each library has been budgeted 3 licenses with access to the Grants Portal which is built on a Salesforce platform.

Where does the LSTA grant money come from?

Federal grants awarded by the Maryland State Library come from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Federal entity that manages the Library Services Technology Act, which funds libraries and museums nationwide. All states receive an annual award based on population. In this way, MSLA is a pass-through for federal funds and is responsible for monitoring the integrity of the process and the use of resources.

What if something with my grant changes?

If the person managing a grant leaves your library, please contact your grant liaison as soon as possible to update contact and grant management information. The grant revision option in the Grants Portal may be used to reallocate funds and/or change intention. We want you to spend your entire grant award but if something changes and you are unable to spend the money please complete a Grant Revision request by logging into the portal and navigating to your grant.

What if the library can't spend all of the grant funds?

We really want you to spend all of your grant funds. For example, if you have leftover funds from a Staff Development (SD) grant you can use funds to purchase items for an SD collection, to pay for staff webinars, or tuition. If you had a technology grant and have unexpended funds you can use them to purchase supplies or accessories that support the intent of that LSTA-funded project or grant. If you have any single items that cost over $5,000 you will need to seek pre-approval from your grant liaison who will in turn request approval for this purchase from IMLS.

Do I need to supply invoices to show funds spent?

Grantees do not need to provide invoices when requesting reimbursements. Invoices must be kept by the library system, and be available for both internal auditing purposes as well as MSLA site visits, in accordance with IMLS policies.

Post-award: What grant paperwork is required?

Most (but not all) LSTA grants require an interim report and a final report. The interim report is due January 30. The final report is due July 30.

Who do I contact with questions?

Every grant has an assigned Maryland State Library Agency liaison or monitor. Feel free to call or email your grant monitor when you have questions. If you are not sure who your grant monitor is contact the LSTA Grant Coordinator for this information.


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This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.