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Grants for Public Libraries

Information on LSTA grants and other funding opportunities.

How To Submit for Reimbursement

When submitting for reimbursement for LSTA grant funds please make sure that you provide us with all of the information that is needed to process your request.

Info to Include
If you are submitting for reimbursement for a conference, webinar, or training, please include:

  • Name of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Location (in-person, virtual)
  • Number of staff attended

Optional Info
We do not need invoice numbers or staff names. We also do not need to have copies of the invoices scanned and on the portal. If you need those invoice numbers on the reimbursements for auditing purposes this is perfectly acceptable. If you would like to use the grants portal as your central repository for all grant administration you are welcome to file your invoice copies here. The character limits in the new system are much higher than in the old MAPLA system. 

One a Month or Once a Quarter
Ideally, we would like each library system to submit for reimbursement once a month for each grant. If this is not possible due to library capacity we request that you submit for reimbursement on each grant once per quarter. Seeing the money spent and reimbursed shows us that the important LSTA grant work is being completed.

Please save the time and effort of our staff by only submitting ONCE per month per grant.

Allowable & Unallowable Costs
Please familiarize yourself with the rules of spending federal LSTA funds. An excellent list from our Federal grantor, the Institute of Museum and Library Services may be found here. A Tip Sheet for Allowable Costs may be found here, also from IMLS.

Examples of Unallowable Costs include:

  • individual memberships (institutional memberships are allowed)
  • furniture (unless it is necessary to support an LSTA-funded program)
  • general promotion, advertising, and marketing of a library (marketing an LSTA-funded program is allowed)
  • entertainment
  • alcohol
  • speaker/presenter honorariums (speaker fees are allowed, honorariums are not)
  • Construction costs including installation, electrical work, or building.

If you are unsure of whether something is allowable or unallowable please do not hesitate to get in touch with your grant liaison.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.