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Youth Services

Resources for youth, teen, and family services staff.

STEM & Technology Education


Maryland public libraries are dedicated to helping youth realize their potential roles as creators, rather than mere consumers, of digital content. The Maryland State Library believes this will contribute to feelings of personal efficacy as well as opening doors to education and career paths that would otherwise be unattainable. Maryland State Library strives to provide broad and creative access to the tools and emerging technologies available today, so that youth will be prepared for whatever is being created when they are ready to enter the workforce. Program partners include Futuremakers and Balti-virtual.  Maryland public libraries offer STEM programming to youth of all ages and their families through the use of innovative maker spaces and STEM kits and by partnering with a variety of organizations such as local astronomy clubs and environmental groups. 

The Make-It Place STEM repository is a digital space where Maryland public librarians can create and locate activities and ideas to help create engaging STEM activities for youth of all ages.  Visit The Make-IT Place Hub, part of the OERCommons, to learn how to program a drone, create a video game, build a drawing robot, and more!


Maryland public libraries are a strong supporter of the Maryland STEM Festival,  a month-long celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that takes place every Fall, as they host a variety of programs and events that offer fun, interactive science learning opportunities.  From Distance Learning conversations with NASA experts to hack-a-thons that foster cybersecurity and coding skills, Maryland public libraries offer STEM programs to engage youth and their families.     

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.